The Internet isn't just for men. There are millions of sites out there that cater exclusively for Women. These are some of the best

logo covers all aspects of women's lives from home, health, family, weddings, fashion and even business and technology

logo Digital-Women
This is the place for resources, free business tips, free sales tips, free marketing tips, home business ideas, and a place to network with other business women and women owned businesses

logo Wench
Packed full of stimulating articles and penetrating commentary, with a biting sense of humour. This site attempts to chart the social and political terrain in which women live

logo National Women's Health Information Center
This site is produced by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A very good site in both English and Spanish

logo National Breast Cancer Foundation
If you need or want information about Breast Cancer you'll be able to find it here

logo Chick Click
Described as the starting point for the most exciting network of women-orientated sites and bursting with sassy attitude

logo Oxygen
Bright and breezy site aimed squarely at women. Chat, shop and find out what's happening in the woman's world

logo AskMen
OK so it's really a man's magazine, but, there is loads of stuff in it which is of interest to women. Really !!! Try it. You'll like it

logo The Knot
Getting married? Well, check out this site first. Loads of advice on everything to do with the Big Day. Very comprehensive site indeed

logo Baby Namer
After marriage, it's babies. What will you call the little darling? This site is all you need. Names and their meanings and alternate suggestions

logo Odaddy
Great site for men all about babies and fatherhood. Just exactly what the ladies want to know

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