It is becoming easier every day to buy things on-line. We have tried to compile a list of the best Shopping sites to help you abuse your credit card

logo Bottom Dollar
Billed as the Shopping Search Engine, this site is wonderful for checking out the price on all manner of goods from Electronics to Kitchenware. Get the lowest price, read a detailed review and buy it then and there

logo Shopnow
Great shopping site with many, many categories for you to browse through. They don't actually sell the goods themselves but will point you in the right direction

logo eBay
Online Auctions are one of the fastest growing online activities. E-bay are probably the biggest and now also have sites in Canada, Australia, Germany, UK and Japan

logo Valupage
You should go here to get Grocery Coupons to use in your local Supermarkets. Everyone else does

logo  REI(Recreational Equipment Incorporated)
REI has been in business since 1938 they are now one of the biggest Outdoor Stores on the internet. If you are looking for Bicycles, Camping Equipment, Clothes or a Map you can order it here

logo Martha Stewart Shopping
Cooking, Home, Weddings, Gardening, Holidays, Chilldren, Books and more all from "That Woman's" site

Get all your Pharmacy needs here. Health, Beauty and Precriptions and all on-line

A lot of people go here first to buy Electronics, Books, Software, Videos, Music or stuff for the Home. Have a look. You will like what you find

logo JCPenny
Now you don't need to go to the store or have the catalogue. It's all on their webpage

Buy all the comforts of home, from your home

logo iQVC
Shopping site covering just about everything for the home. Well laid out and easy to navigate

logo  Sharper Image
A very well done site. If you have never been to one of their stores or seen one of their catalogs you are missing a world of unique and different gift ideas

logo Landsend
You may not be able to try them on but you can certainly buy all your family's clothes here

Very popular site with a great selection of gifts for all occasions

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