If you need to look for information which is not on the Planetneeds site then we suggest that any of the following sites will give you more links than you can handle

logo Google
Probably the best search engine out there. Quick, clean interface that delivers the results

logo Altavista
Use + and - in your search words to focus on the information you require. Altavista also has a great language translation service

logo Raging
This is the basic Alatavista search engine. Same great results but without all the portal distractions

logo Ask Jeeves

logo Ask Jeeves for Kids
Here you have a Search Engine for Grown Ups and Kids where you can type "real" questions like "who won the World Cup in 1998?" and get an answer

logo Hotbot
It's not just the garish colours which set this site apart. It is exellent at retreiving relevant information

logo Ask2k
Loads of categories, loads of sites. You'll find it here

logo Copernic
Copernic is not a web based search engine. It's a downloadable program you run from your computer, but it performs better than many search engines. Best of all it's free

logo Yahoo
One of the first and still one of the best

logo Snap
Another relative newcomer in the Search Engine game. Along with a good search ability comes Communities, Favorites, Web Directories and Quick Guides. Well worth a try

logo Dejanews
DejaNews has built a database of the postings from over 50,000 Newsgroup discussion forums and Internet message boards. Use it to search the Newsgroups to find background information on people, places, ideas, and to research problems or questions

logo Excite
Not just a search Engine. Here you can get information ranging from your horiscope to share prices and even a chat room

logo Ditto
An excellent picture search service which is fast and comprehensive. The results show thumbnails of the actual images. Perfect for anyone who needs to find a photograph or piece of artwork quickly

logo Infoseek
Now part of the GO network. This site also offers not only search facilities but also openings to online Communities and shopping

logo Northern Light
This search engines sticks to it's business of being a "pure" search site. Uncluttered interface and massive database of articles make it a winner. The search features are free of charge, but you must have a subscription to read the Special Collection articles

logo Fast Search
Currently holds the title as the largest Search Engine with over 300 million pages indexed. Also handles FTP, MP3 and Picture searches

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