The main news sites will tell you what major events are happening, but for a wider coverage you need a newspaper. Check the sites below for some of the best on-line newspapers around the world

logo New York Times
Fairly comprehensive site with numerous Quick News categories. Trying to be more of a portal than a newspaper

logo Daily Telegraph (UK)
England's Daily Telegraph site has been around for a long time and still retains the "newspaper" feel. Obviously UK orientated but with a good international summary

logo China Daily
China's face to the outside world. Here you will find all the top stories on China and news from cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou, also the Chinese take on top international stories

logo Belfast Telegraph
Northern Ireland's best selling newspaper. This is the place to go for unbiased news on what's happening in the province

logo France Daily
France daily is much much more than just news about France. It has a very comprehensive link section for worldwide news and France tourist destinations

logo Korea Herald
If its happening in Korea, you stand a good chance of finding out about it here

logo Sunday Times (UK)
Remember those lazy Sunday mornings with a coffee and the Sunday paper on your lap ? Well, this comes close

logo Sydney Morning Herald
For what's going on Down Under

logo Daily Yomiuri
For the latest news on Japan, check this site. Also good coverage of business, sports and social events

logo The Paperboy
If the Papers above don't satisfy your thirst for News then try this webpage. Unbelievable number of International Papers and Magazines. A truly awesome site

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