Sometimes the TV just isn't enough and you need a more in depth report. The sites we have compiled will give you not only the facts but the real stories behind the news and all the latest weather from around the world

logo CNN
From the company that broke the monopoly on syndicted news, the webpage that gives you the breaking news and a multitude of interesting topics

logo Weather
This is the Weather Channel's webpage. Here you can find 3 day forcasts and satellite maps of just about any major city in the world

logo BBC News
For a more British take on world events, this site has Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and even Welsh pages

logo ABC News
This is the webpage of ABC news. It has a fairly slim international section but it does Audio, Video and Multimedia reports on world events

logo News Hub
News headlines which are updated every 15 minutes. Get the very latest on World Events, Technology, Business, Science, Entertainment, Health and Sports

logo Asia Source
Much more than just News from the Region. Here you will find great coverage of Art & Culture, Business& Economics, Policy & Government and Society & History. This site has everything including Maps, Events and Books

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