There are many sites which just don't fit into our main categories. These are the sites we have found helpful, amusing, unusual or plain weird and deserve a wider audience. Try these sites for something different. We will change them regularly so if you have any suggestions, please let us know

logo Answering Machine
Even if you don't need a cool message for your answering machine, download some of the messages available on this site. They are guaranteed to make you laugh

logo The Scout Report
A weekly publication offering a wide selection of new and newly discovered Internet resources of interest to researchers and educators. A very good site. You just never know what you will find

logo In Search Of
If you are interested in Crop Circles, UFOs, Men in Black or other unexplained phenomena, then visit this site. Lots to read and look at. All of it thought provoking

logo Darwin Awards
Very funny site which tells of the misadventures of some of the stupidest people on this planet. Well they were. They are all dead now. Go see for yourself

logo VetInfo
Now here is a very informative site for the Animals (no I'm talking about the Pets) that live in your house

logo Apollo Program Image Analysis
This is an interesting site which proposes that many of the Moon Landing pictures and maybe some of the Apollo landings themselves were fake. You be the judge

logo Bad Fads
Ever wonder what happened to the Rubik's Cube or Lava lamps or Afro Hairstyles? Then wonder no more. Head on over to this site and be amused and amazed

logo The Crash Site
Amazing site with loads of MPG, AVI, MOV and JPG scenes of all type of crashes. If it's plane crashes, car crashes, guys skiing of their roofs or things that go spectacularly wrong, that you are after, then go here

logo Weird But True
It will take you hours to get throught this site, but it is worth it. Some absolutely unbelievable stories and pictures. The world sure is a weird place!

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