We think these are the best Childrens sites on the web. You can let the little monkies roam around here and know that they will be educated, entertained and kept well away from the "bad" stuff on the net

logo Disney
If it involves kids, it has to involve Disney. This site has information on all the books, movies, attractions and events

logo Nickelodeon
Another great site. Home of the Rugrats and all the "Nick" TV shows. The kids will be entertained for hours here

logo FunBrain
This a real "Learning is Fun" site. Kids can learn all about Words, Numbers and even Chemistry while having Fun

logo Toys-R-Us
logo Toys-R-Us (UK)
If you have kids, then you have been to ToysRus. Now you can save yourself the drive and visit their virtual store. Just make sure you hide your credit card when you let the kids loose on this site!!!!

logo NASA Kids
This new Nasa Kids site enables youngsters to find out about the space programme, and space itself, using text, pictures and animation. The Projects & Games section is well worth bookmarking for a wet weekend - build a balloon-powered nanorover or make clouds in a bottle

logo eToys

logo eToys (UK)
Hey Kids, if you want to make out your list for Santa now, then get over to eToys and see what's available. They are probably the Internet's biggest Toy Store so you will find a monster selection of toys here

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