Once you have decided where to go, you need to book the ticket. Many of the travel sites will do that but for the best deal you need to shop around. The sites below will give you the best choice for Flights and Car Hire. Try our TRAVEL page as well

logo Orbitz
Got to be one of the best sites around when it comes to finding cheap flights

logo Travelstore (UK)
UK site with great search engine for Flights, Hotels and Car Hire almost anywhere in the world

logo Travelocity
logo Travelocity (UK)
One of the best on-line airline ticket, car rental and hotel booking sites on the net. Registration required but worth it

logo Expedia
logo Expedia (UK)
Comprehensive site for reservation and booking of flights, accomodation, cruises and car rental, but dig deeper for information on special deals and destinations

logo TravelNow
Airfares, Hotels, Car Hire and Rail. This site is International and offers a nice easy search facility

logo Priceline
How much do you want to pay for your plane ticket? That's how Priceline works. Make an offer and see if an airline will sell you a spare seat at that price. Over 40,000 people a week are doing it that way. Now you can do the same for Cars, Hotel Rooms and even Mortgages

logo Cheapflights
If you are looking for cheap flights from the UK then visit this site. They don't actually sell the tickets but give the sites where you can get really cheap bargains

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