The world revolves around Computers and the Internet. If you want to know what's happening or need Software or Drivers or Domain names or just Hints and Tips on how to use your Computer, then try the sites below

logo ZD Net
Ziff Davis publishes loads of Computer magazines. You can sample them from here or just catch up on the latest news on the Computing front

The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software. These guys have been a tremendous source of software since 1993. If they don't have it, it's probably not worth having

logo Tom's Hardware
Superb site for breaking news and tests of new Hardware

logo McAfee
If you think you've got a Virus, then head on over to this site. You can scan and delete online or download some of the best Antivirus software available

logo Domainsurfer
They say DomainSurfer is the fastest domain name Search Engine in the world, we have to agree. If you want to check what domains are out there which have any word you chose as part of the name, then this is the best place to go

logo TotalNic
If you need to register your own Domain name or need to see if a Domain is available or who owns it, then this is the site. Very competitively priced and fast with the advantage of a control suite which allows you to modify your domain properties. Very slick indeed

logo HostIndex
So you have decided to dump the free sites. You've got your own Domain name and need a Web Host. Well, look here. This is the largest Hosting directory on the net. Compare prices and services and look at the top 25 for the month

logo Cybercaptive
Going somewhere and need to keep in touch? This site has information on over 4700 cybercafes and internet access points in 144 countries. It is updated frequently and is a must visit before you travel

logo Cnet
Plenty of News, Reviews and Downloads. There's so much here, the site is starting to look more like a portal

logo Value America
If you need to buy a new computer or a printer or software or........, then this is the place to go. They have great deals and are pretty quick at getting it to you

logo Lockergnome
Get Your FREE Subscription! Daily E-mail Newsletter covering just about every topic related to computers and software

logo Winfiles
Probably the largest collection of drivers around. So if your Video card or Sound Card or Printer or CD Rom needs an updated Driver, or for information on Bugs and Fixes, then check here first

logo Dave Central
If you need any of the great Shareware or Try Before You Buy software titles available, then give Dave's site a try

logo TipWorld
This site provides advice, news and learning by e-mail. You can never know to much, subscribe to as many daily Tips as you want sent to your E-mail it's FREE you can't beat that

logo Price Watch
A good source for Street Prices of everything related to computers and electronics. If you want to find out the price of the newest hardware or system you'll find the right price and a dealer who will sell it to you

logo Stroud's Consummate Winsock Applications
An excellent resource for software and reviews. If you can't find that special application here it's probably not out yet. They also have a daily software newsletter you can subscribe to

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