We have tried to compile a list of the best Auto sites on the web. So if you need to buy a new car to replace or fix the old wreck sitting in your drive or just want to see what the new models are like, then check out the sites below


Fully loaded site where you will get pricing information, reviews and even chat rooms where you can talk to owners of the current model

logo Microsoft CarPoint
Not only will you find general auto industry news and advice but CarPoint also features My Auto Page where you can keep records of your car's history. Enter the necessary details and receive suggested tune-up dates and warnings of potential mechanical problems. The site will even allow you to estimate the cost of your next repair

No-wait New and Used car Prices, Reviews, Insurance, Loan Calculators and New Car Brochures

logo Motor Trend On-line Magazine
Most of the same features as the printed version of this magazine. We especially like the Road Tests. Lots of good information here

logo Edmund's
Edmund's has been around for more then 30 years, a one-stop site for automobile safety information, reviews, prices and consumer advice

logo Car Trackers
New and Used car buyers guides, many different forums, buying and selling advice and a women's guide, will help you in your quest for buying or selling a car

logo Insweb
You've bought the car and now you need to insure it. Search for the best quote from some of the biggest names in the business

logo J C Whitney
Auto and Truck Parts, Accessories and Repair Parts for Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Motorcycles. If it's made for a vehicle you can order it from here

Daily news and reviews, links to the US and Canadian Auto industry and other International manufacturers

logo The Car Place
These guys have a bigger variety of car reviews than we have seen anywhere, and that's saying something

logo Car Talk
Tom and Ray Magliozzi are Car Talk. They've been described as America's funniest auto mechanics - "the Marx Brothers meet Mr. Goodwrench"

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