We have tried to compile a list of the best Book sites we could find. So if you are buying or just browsing, or even want to publish your own book then try these sites

logo now reportedly has over 11 million customers. We use them and we like using them. They have an incredable selection and now do music, videos, toys, games, auctions, electronics, e-cards and z-shops but best of all they are quick

logo Barnes and Noble
Came to the party late and now playing "catch up" but doing a good job at it. Still focusing mainly on books with a nice "clean" site

logo Borders
Humungous American Book Store company - 260 stores, now with a website which also offers music and videos

logo AddAll Book Search
Search many booksellers with this site. It shows both new and secondhand books

logo Get Cheap Books
Anothet great multi booksellers search engine showing both new and secondhand books

logo Advanced Book Exchange
This site has the largest selection of Out of Print Books that we've been able to find on the Web

logo Bigwords
If it's Textbooks you are after then these guys should have it. Apparently they are No. 3 behind Amazon and B&N, so they must be doing something right

logo iUniverse
So you have written the next "Gone With the Wind" or "Hunt for Red October" and want to publish it! This is the place to go. Prices start at US$ 149

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