PLANETNEEDS came about because we were looking for a decent Cigar site and all the major Search Engines gave us literally thousands of useless links. We initially decided to make our own site then changed it to a site which listed what we thought were the "best" Cigar sites on the Web. The idea just grew from that. We tried to think what people mostly look for on the Internet and decided on the categories as listed on the main page. We are constantly searching and refining the lists and to make it into our "Top Sites" a page has to offer something different. We don't just go for flashy, eye-popping stuff, it's content we want. Most people are like us. They want what they are looking for and they want it now. That's what we will try to provide. If you NEED some information and don't want to trawl through thousands of sites, then give PLANETNEEDS a try first.

If there is anything you would like to see on our pages, then let us know and we'll see about putting it up.

Thanks for your support

Pete and Tom

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